Monday, July 22, 2013

Leg Warmers on a Budget

Leg warmers are such a great accessory for babies with casts! They keep the casts clean and, more importantly, make them look A-dorable!! But those simple little things will run parents anywhere from $10-20 (or more) per pair! I want my princess to look cute rockin' her casts, but I can't afford that! Thankfully, I have a sewing machine and the internet!

I found a great tutorial online that showed how to make leg warmers out of crew cut socks (or knee-length socks for a larger size warmer). Charlotte and I headed out to Target to pick up some socks! We found some great patterns at just $3 a pair!

I made 4 pairs total in about 2 hours time! That's 8 individual warmers and since Charlotte only has one cast, that's enough for 8 days of wear (or less if they get dirty, and let's be honest, she's a baby so they probably will)! And I still have 4 more pairs of socks yet to convert! That means she'll have 16 leg warmers for less than $25! Frugal Momma win!