Thursday, August 1, 2013

Third Time's the Charm

Or not. Charlotte cried again today while getting her third cast put on. Fortunately, she did great (again!) for the removal portion of the appointment, but as soon as Dr. Jex started stretching her foot for the new placement, she got upset. She wasn't as upset this week as last, and we didn't have to stop halfway through to nurse. 

This is her foot after the second cast. 

This picture shows how her foot is starting to point more towards the outside of her leg. 

The correction process is going really well as far as I can tell. I can see that her foot is starting to rotate toward the outside and pointing down and out more than up and in. This is very encouraging and Dr. Jex said she may only need 2 or 3 more casts before her tenotomy. I'm so relieved to know that her foot is responding well to the treatments.

Charlotte in her third cast. Her feet are starting to look more alike!

Contrary to the first two weeks, Charlotte has been feeling pretty well today. She had periods of crankiness, and I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable at times, but overall she was fairly pleasant all afternoon/evening. I just kept her close to me (an excuse to use my new homemade woven wrap) and enjoyed her sweet little cuddles!

Using our homemade woven wrap for the first time!

As always, thanks to everyone who has been praying for her and for us through this journey. Your support and love are helping us stay strong and have a positive outlook on the situation that God has put us in. We are truly blessed!

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